Spasms [noun]

Definition of Spasms:

twitch, fit

Synonyms of Spasms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spasms:

Sentence/Example of Spasms:

Ma nearly had a spasm, but she liked the looks of things when we had finished.

The spasm of fear which crosses my heart summons it to my aid.

The eyes glowed with the fires of a man's heart in a spasm of hate.

After a time the spasm relaxed, but her condition remained alarming.

The spasm loosed beads of perspiration which stood cold on his forehead.

A spasm of pain contracted his features and drew beads of moisture to his forehead.

A spasm of jealousy seized her heart—she withdrew her arm from Frederick's.

Something like a spasm of mortal pain crossed it and twisted it.

At that there came a spasm of tenderness, and his throat thickened.

Glory drew her breath as with a spasm and threw down the newspaper.