Spate [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Spate:

His joy welled up and overflowed in him as overflows a river in time of spate.

A look from Spate silenced him, but the President had not caught the slip.

"Not but what Wakefield is enterprising," Spate added, anxiously.

Spate could rise to an emergency; the other committeemen thanked him with their eyes.

It was about the first day of October, and we had enjoyed a “spate.”

I nodded, still marvelling over this spate of speech at table.

"Hazr, it is a spate from the hills," he said between quick breaths.

It was obvious that these spars, like the anglers, were waiting for a spate.

Why, the river was yesterday in spate, and she is fresh run from the sea.

I tried to catch him as he fell, but the Mairg Water was in spate, and it was useless.