Spats [noun]

Definition of Spats:

dispute, quarrel

Synonyms of Spats:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spats:

Sentence/Example of Spats:

From spats to hat, from walking coat to gloves, everything was perfect of its kind.

Who ever heard of a goulash poet in a braid-bound cutaway and spats?

Squaring his shoulders, he crossed his legs and gazed inscrutably at his spats.

But they did frequently have spats, for both were hot-tempered and willful.

He had a light top-coat on his arm, and his tan gloves were an exact match for his spats.

I have known a peer object to spats because they did not look nice in a picture.

He was, as usual, faultlessly attired, even down to his spats.

A place where the starving feel the pangs of gluttony, and the threadbare wear opera-hats and spats.

He might wear overwhelmingly correct afternoon attire, with spats and a monocle on a wide ribbon.

Patent leather boots, spats, and a cane of huge proportions completed a turn-out which was distinctly startling.