Spatter [verb]

Definition of Spatter:

splash, sprinkle

Synonyms of Spatter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spatter:





Sentence/Example of Spatter:

It was irregular at the edges, looking in fact like a spatter of silver.

Take your pen, old boy, and show us whether you can spatter the ink or not.

He knew only that Delaney had run, leaving his revolver and a spatter of blood behind him.

Neill leaped back in a spatter of bullets that rained round him.

His arid chuckle seemed to strike Hayden like the spatter of hail.

On the walls of the houses we began to see the spatter of shrapnel.

At prisent they seem to be in no hurry to spatter us with their word-jelly.

Among these was Mr. Spatter, who introduced him to Mr. Varnish.

The spatter of skirmish firing was added to the thunder of the guns on the hill.

I want the wind to blow on me, and the sun to burn me, and the mud to spatter me.