Spawned [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Spawned:

When the temperature of the beds has fallen to about 75 or 80, they may be spawned.

The beds must be spawned when the temperature falls, never when it rises.

He might have been spawned out of the back meadows or he might have been—a Bracebridge.

The only way to cut it out is to eliminate the income-tax system which spawned it.

Thoughts that were spawned in the ancient jungles of a new and steaming world.

Then let us look at the Nipe race, wherever it was spawned in this universe.

I asked the reason, and the answer was, ‘that they had been spawned at the full of the moon.’

These have been made quite recently, and have not yet been spawned.

They should be made into a potato-pit-shaped bed, and spawned in the usual manner.

I hope you like this brain-child, spawned from the womb of a year long inanimation.