Spawning [noun]

Definition of Spawning:


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Sentence/Example of Spawning:

For months she had fed on lean and tasteless trout exhausted by spawning.

The spawning fish, flabby and useless, are killed in winter.

These illustrate the spawning method of solving the problem of survival.

He said it was a spawning bed, and I ought to put the twenty-nine back.

The first point is explained by the fact that these fish die after spawning.

It spawns in fresh waters, and survives after spawning and returns to the sea.

They are never seen in the lake, nor do I know if they return after spawning.

It does not seem to be known whether it also dies after spawning.

The flesh of spawning fish is loose and watery, and is most insipid and tasteless.

At spawning this might with advantage be mixed with some that has not gone through this process.