Spear [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Spear:

One of them gave me his spear, which was very blunt, and I sharpened it for him.

Let him then name the gentleman with whom he would break a spear.

This is what happened: from one of the shenzis you traded a spear, or a spear was given you.

If our men get to fooling with their women, they'll spear the lot of us!

"A shenzi has killed Mavrouki with a spear," the man answered her question.

I am your friend, your brother; I have no spear and no arrows, but I have this—this!

It was Kua-ko, and after wounding me with his spear he was about to finish me with his knife.

Wotan walked around the peak, drawing a line with his spear.

Without Ithuriel's spear, how can they distinguish the good from the evil?

Then, as if armed with spear and shield, he advanced to meet Giant Blubb.