Speared [verb]

Definition of Speared:

pierce; get through physically

Opposite/Antonyms of Speared:

Sentence/Example of Speared:

They speared a sea-lion, which, however, swam off with the spear sticking in its body.

This time the flesh had not been devoured, but the poor beasts had, in every case, been speared.

And he bit a generous inch off the cold sausage which he had speared with the carving-fork.

No, he got speared when he was lying in his bunk readin' a book one night.

He chuckled and speared another cube of steak with his fork.

I sprang at him and struck him with all my force in the face, little caring if I was speared or not.

Joe saw it coming, leaped into the air and speared it with his gloved hand.

With an almost defiant gesture she speared it and put it in her mouth.

And at a time like this when we might be surprised and speared before the alarm could have spread.

“Some one threw it, and speared the little cow,” cried Rifle.