Spearing [verb]

Definition of Spearing:

pierce; get through physically

Synonyms of Spearing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spearing:

Sentence/Example of Spearing:

These lakes also abound with a great variety of fish, which can be taken by spearing.

Would you shoot a black-fellow, Mr Gerrard, for spearing a horse or bullock?

They broke our ships and killed my companions, spearing them like fish.

“Ye will be back in the afternoon, and we will be spearing for you, bairns,” she said.

The method of securing them was by spearing them from the canoes.

But Tom and I could do the spearing, and you could put the eels in the basket.

He then set a couple of his men to watch for danger, and the spearing began.

Taken to spearing the cattle, and the men too if they get a chance.

Had they known their power they might have made things most unpleasant by spearing our camels.

These are used in deep rivers, where spearing by wading is impracticable.