Specialization [noun]

Definition of Specialization:

person's calling, interest

Synonyms of Specialization:

Opposite/Antonyms of Specialization:

Sentence/Example of Specialization:

It is claimed that specialization should be postponed to a fifth year.

There was a specialization of labor, but, as yet, little division.

We may even set them down to ignorance rather than specialization of interest.

Only in the second and subsequent years does specialization start.

Fate here, as in the matter of specialization, works her hand.

Division engenders the specialization of each mediating element.

Competition, specialization, cooperation, were all intensified.

Only a small part of the specialization can be accomplished in college.

What better place in the universe to find asylum from specialization.

Since the ability to live is threatened by this specialization it cannot be purposive.