Specially [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Specially:

What he specially disliked was that his master was a foreigner.

It was Aldonza, however, who specially touched her feelings.

The unhappy woman, to whom I had specially come, was smitten indeed.

To ascribe them specially to God would seem to us far-fetched.

No one department of human effort is specially His, or is His special expression.

A prudent person, lapsing into a dilemma, is specially discomfitted.

They'll be on their mettle, the both of 'em, more 'specially Diablo.

Of his women friends he thought in a specially practical way.

The soul itself is only an aggregation of specially tenuous and subtle atoms.

This is specially true of cedars and oaks, as well as of elms and maples.