Specificity [noun]

Definition of Specificity:

state of being precise or particular

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Sentence/Example of Specificity:

The specificity of the form as a whole is contingent also according to Lamarckism.

The fact of specificity is supported by the fact of constancy of forms.

The first phenomenon which strikes us in this connection is again a phenomenon of specificity.

This specificity of embryos was affirmed with even greater confidence by Sedgwick in a paper critical of von Baer's law.

Specificity in bacterial disease with special reference to silkworms and tent caterpillars.

These experiments were made at a time when the nature and bearing of the problem of specificity was not yet fully recognized.

The Bordet reaction was not only useful in indicating the specificity and blood relationship for animals but also among plants.

Such an experiment would mean that the lack of specificity had been compensated by the artificial means.

The biologist is dependent on the specificity of living objects as they occur in nature.

Fortunately the patient recovered, and this terrifying experiment proved indisputably the specificity of the cholera vibrio.