Specifying [verb]

Definition of Specifying:

designate; decide definitely

Opposite/Antonyms of Specifying:

Sentence/Example of Specifying:

But there is no need of specifying particulars in this class of uses.

It was an acknowledgment for the sum of fifty guineas, but not specifying for what service.

He likes to represent character—he rejoices in the specifying touch.

But in specifying the fallen tree, Deerfoot gave no idea of where it was to be found.

There was no need of specifying, as there was only one store in Oldtown of any importance.

What are the exceptionable features of the law, what are the amendments you desire, you refrain from specifying.

I was specifying the consequences of crime to the prisoners at the bar; but I forbear.

They are but trifles, and I see no reason for specifying them here.

After insulting his goodness by asking for a blessing, we insult his intelligence by specifying what that blessing shall be.

Yet I speak not of this dance here with any purpose of specifying rules for its attainment.