Speciously [adverb]

Definition of Speciously:


Opposite/Antonyms of Speciously:


Sentence/Example of Speciously:

"Jerry wanted to know how you were," said Stella speciously.

This was a chance, he speciously urged, which Miss Devereux should not be suffered to miss.

How was it possible she should behave so speciously as she did all the time the lady staid with us!

After an autumn speciously benign came our season of cold and snow.

It was uniformly not so hopeful as formerly, while speciously apologetic.

Seffy was speciously savage now—as any successful wooer might be.

These notions, imperfectly understood and speciously interpreted, are by many regarded as furnishing a sanction for war.

It is so insidious and speciously good, that it has found its way, like an angel of light, to the best hearts and holiest places.

In fact, upon the neutral fact of evolution a theory of pessimism may be built up as speciously as a theory of optimism.

And in the mean time we may observe, that such a way of Arguing may, it seems, be speciously accommodated to differing Hypotheses.