Speciousness [noun]

Definition of Speciousness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Speciousness:

Sentence/Example of Speciousness:

Hence we see that the very essence of a fallacy is its speciousness.

Amidst all the speciousness of their claims, she had "found" them false.

Yet there is a speciousness about such an excuse, and we will leave it.

Her speciousness and artifices seduced him into a precipitate marriage.

It has just the speciousness that runs away with young people.

In proportion to the speciousness of his qualities was he to be dreaded.

I perceive the speciousness of those fallacies by which they are deluded.

In her speech there was no excitement or speciousness, but a persuasive sweetness and serenity, learnt from duty and temperance.

The calmness of this reasoning appalled Margaret even more by its speciousness than by its falseness.

The ignorant justice-loving man, enamoured of the right, is blinded by the speciousness of wrong.