Speckle [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Speckle:

No one else could detect a spot or speckle on her at a casual glance.

To be sure, Mrs. Speckle did not keep a looking-glass, and I suppose poor Brownie had no idea how very absurd he looked.

Mrs. Speckle (that was his mother) was just as proud of him as she could be; but foolish Brownie thought her too strict.

One day Speckle, the big hen, made a great fuss because her brood of ducklings went into the water.

Out of the yard bounded Rover barking heartily and, from her stall, Speckle mooed a welcome.

One morning, before going to the field, the Godmother placed Tom on the floor as usual, and then went out to get Speckle.

When Speckle turned her head, Tom sat quietly, then got up and started for a walk along her neck and head.

The hills around, which stand up darkly against a speckle of stars, are all discussed for you.

Hoyle had the peas in a tin pail, and mother rode Aunt Sally's Speckle and carried the biscuit in a pan on front.

She had been cherishing a secret hope that she might get a few eggs from Miss Pettus to complete a setting for Speckle.