Speckled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Speckled:

There were two that were particularly tame, a white hen and a speckled one.

Deacon air the speckled one an' he loves every inch of Daddy an' me.

Then he tried for the speckled widow; she of course was too sharp for him.

But with the delicate, speckled, evasive trout he was easily first.

It was a dog of tin, painted white and speckled with black spots.

He stopped his work to look at the speckled trout, who at once addressed him.

Its plumage is speckled black and white, like that of a Hamburg fowl.

A speckled black-and-white woodpecker about the size of a bulbul.

They are cream-coloured, mottled and speckled with tiny red markings.

This is a bird as large as a dove; its plumage is speckled brown and white.