Spectacle [noun]

Definition of Spectacle:

something showy; exhibition

Synonyms of Spectacle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spectacle:

Sentence/Example of Spectacle:

The spectacle as night fell was strange, ominous, but not unpicturesque.

It is a spectacle that may inspire the philosopher no less than the artist.

There was a hideous fascination in this spectacle stretched before us.

He saw himself as he was—or nearly—and the spectacle did not please him.

They did not talk much; there was a silencing awe in the spectacle.

No other city in course of evolution has ever furnished such a spectacle.

The artillery portion of the spectacle produced a still greater effect.

But to the cub the spectacle of her protective rage was pleasing.

As the music ceased, the master of the spectacle came forth from his retreat.

Stanley was the first of us to recover from the shock of this spectacle.