Spectacularly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Spectacularly:

He is also as Wolff says spectacularly courageous but easily discouraged.

Obviously he had dallied with the demon and was spectacularly the worse for it.

Since the world began, there had been few battle-fields so spectacularly laid out.

They deserve to become better known, however, especially Lourdat, one of the most spectacularly endowed chteau ruins extant.

In the Streets of New-York, he made a hit by firing a building at the spectacularly disposed audience.

Spectacularly, Iceland—Ultima Thule—as he calls it—was a disappointment to him.

In response to their efforts, patronage was growing, not rapidly and spectacularly, yet steadily and substantially.

Yet here she was, debonnaire and fresh and perfectly appointed—and ah, so terribly neat and spectacularly finessed!

Tolstoy awakens in his reader the will to be a man; not effectively, not spectacularly, but simply, really.

The horses came down at a run, with a rattle of hoofs and harness; the driver flourished his whip over them spectacularly.