Speculated [verb]

Definition of Speculated:

think about deeply and theorize

Opposite/Antonyms of Speculated:

Sentence/Example of Speculated:

"I wonder who will be first on the scene," speculated Grace.

They speculated much on what they would find when they approached Jackson.

"But I don't understand a sailing vessel in these waters," speculated Leonard.

It is not then strange that I should have thought and speculated much about madness.

“I wonder if it would be nice to be a great operatic singer,” I speculated.

No wonder his successor was speculated about with some curiosity.

He speculated, in fact, on the ignorance and vanity of amateurs.

"Well, I wonder who'll be the next couple," speculated Obed.

But he wondered and speculated a good deal and was vaguely troubled.

I speculated what demesne this might be, and I realized that it was probably Lavedan.