Speculating [verb]

Definition of Speculating:

think about deeply and theorize

Opposite/Antonyms of Speculating:

Sentence/Example of Speculating:

She felt that she had somehow blundered, and her busy mind was speculating as to how.

She was speculating as to what might happen with Fyles stationed here in Rocky Springs.

His mother simply accused him of not speculating on the political situation.

He was speculating in his mind as to the risk he was running.

Needless to say Jed Winslow did no speculating concerning his tenant's "past."

Jeff made his way past the fuming candidate and walked on, speculating.

Phillips wasted no time in speculating about what they contained.

While they were speculating as to whom this new visitor could be the lady herself appeared.

All Jamaica had been talking of it, speculating about it, congratulating itself on it.

All the time he was watching Hugh—at least so Hugh thought—as if speculating on him in general.