Speculators [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Speculators:

There will be some speculators, as there will be some gamblers; but they will be few.

It has often been charged that speculators ruined the currency.

We are nothing now but speculators, and the righteous rail against us.

Food supplies were scarce, and speculators were buying such as there were.

Speculators rushed to invest 203 and unload their investments at a profit.

Speculators have consciences and affections, and his were roused to agony.

Speculators piled gold on his doorsteps, and he laughed at them.

What can writers, haranguers, or speculators do more than that?

It is on the same principle that speculators get up a corner on pork or wheat.

These speculators were mostly lawyers, who were favorites or friends of the governor.