Speechifying [noun]

Definition of Speechifying:

public speaking

Synonyms of Speechifying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Speechifying:


Sentence/Example of Speechifying:

After which exertion and speechifying, she thought proper to disappear.

Dry work this speechifying, especially to all unpracticed orators.

He started the thing, anyhow, and he ought to have the fun of speechifying to you.

Then we have also Mr. Fullerton, who has been working and speechifying to some purpose for years.

Of speechifying there was of course much, and compliments abounded.

Dry work, this speechifying, especially to an unpractised orator.

The sultan had demanded to know what a certain reverend owl was speechifying about to another owl distantly related to him.

Then the speechifying would commence, and last for hours without any satisfactory results.

The grand treat of the evening, at least to an Englishman, was the speechifying.

Now, probably, will Sophie Hawthorne utterly refuse to be kissed, unless I give up all notion of speechifying 108 at a caucus.