Speedboat [noun]

Definition of Speedboat:

boat used for racing

Synonyms of Speedboat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Speedboat:


Sentence/Example of Speedboat:

They disclosed this when Miss Mines brought the speedboat down.

He dropped them at the speedboat with a plea to be careful, then headed back to the office.

The speedboat was there, and so was the Scuba cart, but the rowboat wasn't.

As they made their way back to the speedboat, Rick spoke his thoughts aloud.

She laughed at the thought of a speedboat on their tiny lake.

Wellan Dasinger paused in momentary indecision at the entrance to the half-darkened control section of the speedboat.

Midge asked a club member, who loitered nearby, if the speedboat belonged to Mr. Manheim.

And folks say that when his employer is out of town, he rides around in that speedboat like a king.

Dismissing the matter, the island owner filled his speedboat to capacity and pulled away.

I'd shopped rather freely; a number of fairly large crates and so forth were loaded into my speedboat.