Speedily [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Speedily:

On the contrary, he speedily inaugurated a new and brilliant era in finance.

But the reproduction is of brief duration; and it is speedily effaced or transformed.

He understood the dislike which speedily grew up in Eleanor for this work.

She speedily descended to the reservoir of water, and filled her pitcher.

Let the cause of insurrection be removed, then, as speedily as possible.

Word was speedily passed to all that the time to win or lose had come.

The dogs were speedily harnessed to the sledge, and the march resumed.

Ride on, my merry men all, and let us get back to Nottingham Town as speedily as we may.

The doctor's prognostication in reference to the weather was speedily verified.

Monferrand had to give way; he admitted the priest, and speedily dealt with him.