Speeding [verb]

Definition of Speeding:

move along quickly

Synonyms of Speeding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Speeding:

Sentence/Example of Speeding:

Now, when I'm arrested for speeding, I'm not in the least flustered—oh, not a little bit!

What concerned him now was this mystery of the speeding cyclists.

There was a slight jar as of something landing on the speeding conveyor.

We caught a rope ladder and scrambled up, and at once we felt her speeding on.

There was a clatter and rattle of speeding hoofs, which rapidly died out.

It was the blind he had anticipated, but—that sound of speeding wheels.

Now they were in the town, now speeding down the street leading to the bank.

Again he tried to picture the girl, speeding on toward that inner world.

Leary touched his cap, and in a few moments they were speeding up the Avenue.

Sometimes he saw his quarry, sometimes he was only guided by the beat of the speeding hoofs.