Spellbound [adjective]

Definition of Spellbound:

enchanted, fascinated

Synonyms of Spellbound:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spellbound:

Sentence/Example of Spellbound:

And then her eyes were caught by something that held her spellbound with horror.

There was something in that sweet old face that kept them spellbound.

The realization and quick understanding held him spellbound.

Spellbound Jacques gazed upon the scene of awful destruction.

Our breath came back, and the spellbound silence was broken.

The boys were spellbound by the intense language of the strange man.

Paganel remained as if spellbound for a time; the voice ceased and all was silence.

In the centre of the great office was a sight that held him spellbound.

What he saw there rooted him to his chair, holding him spellbound.

It was as good as a ghost story, every one was so spellbound and mystified.