Speller [noun]

Definition of Speller:

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Sentence/Example of Speller:

"There," said I, spreading the speller flat on the table and pointing with my finger.

Abe shone as a speller in school and at the spelling-matches.

I was the best sewer and speller in Miss Mushet's long before I was ten.

They vary hourly, according to the taste and fancy of the speller.

Not unlike Lewis and Clark Mr. Work was "something of a speller."

But Webster was a moralist and a philosopher as well as a speller.

Us worked dat crop out, but us aint never seen no speller, nor nothin'.

Mr. Speller, a rich planter, owning a place called Speller's Landing, was arrested and sent to Plymouth.

The speller naturally thinks that he has made a mistake, and commences again.

The Clark boys, at least George Clark, would have been benefited by a little more schooling in books, especially a speller.