Spent [adjective]

Definition of Spent:

used up, gone; tired out

Synonyms of Spent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spent:

Sentence/Example of Spent:

He spent such an evening there at the end of their first month in New York.

In your service I have spent many toilsome days and sleepless nights.

Here he cooked and ate his meals, and here he spent his solitary evenings.

The honeymoon will be spent at the town-house of the groom, in York Terrace.

Haven't we spent all our surplus in keeping you up for a good marriage?

Two millions isn't so much here, you know, and she must have spent a lot of hers.

They belonged to the times when 30,000 men were an army, and when campaigns were spent in sieges.

It's Bill that's spent the money on his cussed booze and gambling.

He spent his evenings when at Hawarden in a cosy corner of the library reading.

When the last midsummer holidays came she spent them with Harriett.