Sperms [noun]

Definition of Sperms:

beginning, source

Synonyms of Sperms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sperms:

Sentence/Example of Sperms:

Respectively, they represent attacks on the Sperm and Right Whale.

Sure it is, nevertheless, that the Sperm Whale has no proper olfactories.

It is as though the forehead of the Sperm Whale were paved with horses' hoofs.

But the Sperm Whale only breathes about one seventh or Sunday of his time.

Physiognomically regarded, the Sperm Whale is an anomalous creature.

What then shall I liken the Sperm Whale to for fragrance, considering his magnitude?

Sperm and lard oils are the best for lubricating roller molds.

The Sperm is of enormous strength, and is as fierce as he is strong.

These peaceful giants do not know how to fight for their lives, like the Sperm Whales.

The Sperm Whale must attack these big creatures in order to get enough food.