Spheres [noun]

Definition of Spheres:

globular object

Synonyms of Spheres:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spheres:


Sentence/Example of Spheres:

We see only three-dimensional sections of them, which are spheres.

They also admit of development from within their own spheres.

There was a music of the spheres as well as of the notes of the lyre.

One that is exceptionally rich in oxygen, as is true of all the spheres we handle.

Imitation is found everywhere, in all spheres of thought and of action.

Her life moved in two spheres—the College and her home, and these two sufficed.

The sun now, gone from the river, was painting other spheres.

The energy these spheres shoot out is a mixture of energies.

Dawn was not far off and the spheres were drifting over the town.

If the spheres are alive, they must have something which correspond to emotions.