Spheroidal [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Spheroidal:

Here it is usually enclosed in the cephalis and is spherical, ellipsoidal or spheroidal, often flattened almost into a disc.

The distance between every two shells equals the diameter of the inner medullary shell, which, like the outer, is spheroidal.

After this he returns to the form of the earth, which he again declares to be spheroidal.

The eggs of this Wren are oval in shape; occasionally, spheroidal.

The entire visible universe, then, would be spheroidal in general shape.

The nest cavities were spheroidal, and measured 150 to 200 mm.

The structure was spheroidal in shape, and about forty feet in diameter.

They entertain the semi-ancient theory that the earth is spheroidal, and the sun and moon perform their circuits round it.

The earth is flattened; in other words, its figure is spheroidal.

Here a spheroidal and then a rectangular movement must be made.