Sphinxlike [adjective]

Definition of Sphinxlike:

hidden, mysterious; blank

Synonyms of Sphinxlike:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sphinxlike:

Sentence/Example of Sphinxlike:

Think well of yourself, my friend, think well of your sphinxlike eyes.

No wonder he “crouches in sphinxlike silence 199 on the curbstone.”

Slowly the Ohio receded from him, somber, implacable, sphinxlike.

They all looked eagerly at the criminologist on his return, but his face was sphinxlike.

His manner was sphinxlike again, and the Englishman eyed him curiously, feeling a strong desire to kick him in the shins.

Her husband sat unbendingly silent, in a sphinxlike attitude that gave no outward indication of his mental uneasiness.

Katherine for once took up the gauntlet, while one of her sphinxlike smiles hovered about her mouth.

For one moment he looked up and met her eyes, and she allowed hers to show that sphinxlike smile before she lowered the lids.

The sphinxlike smile hovered round Katherine's mouth; it was enigmatic and horribly tantalizing.

The granite rests in unalterable calm, sphinxlike, on the edge of the watery desert.