Spiciest [adjective]

Definition of Spiciest:

pungent, flavorful

Synonyms of Spiciest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spiciest:

Sentence/Example of Spiciest:

Amidst the heavy exhalations of these, a Parmesan set a spicy aroma.

Their comments and jokes were most spicy and personal, and in all Lucindy led.

There is again, in this spicy atmosphere, a local—or shall we say native?

It is marvelous how a dull eye lights up if the bit be spicy.

The sausage remained on the table, thick and spicy and brown.

The reeking smells of the Chinese quarter were spicy to him.

Do I understand you to say, Berryman, that you don't enjoy a spicy book?

The wind that fanned his face was filled with the spicy odors of the sea.

They were nice folks; but they had spicy tempers, some of them.

I can picture the spicy details of the investigation prior to her removal by the "Cruelty."