Spied [verb]

Definition of Spied:

secretly follow, watch another's actions

Synonyms of Spied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spied:

Sentence/Example of Spied:

Are we to have our house occupied and to be spied upon also?

She spied an unoccupied seat, looked at her watch, and sat down.

“I have been wanting to know you ever since I first spied you this morning,” she beamed.

I guess I was half crazy when I thought I had been spied out.

We deemed it a hunting tower from which water-fowl might be spied in the spring.

And as he circled the sunken craft he spied another near it.

Once I spied the back of a great black fish about a quarter of a mile off.

"Yes, and watching you also when you spied on Duval," broke in another of the men.

He spied a plank, with one end resting on the land, and the other dipping into the water.

He leaned over the bannisters and spied the note on the hall table.