Spies [noun]

Definition of Spies:

person who secretly finds out about another's business

Synonyms of Spies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spies:


Sentence/Example of Spies:

Perhaps he thought of Rahab who hid the spies, and received a commendation for it.

He probably has a large body of spies and scouts working under him.

I must be active in order to cope with the enemy's own scouts and spies.

But if they come in here do we want to stay and be arrested for English spies?

He then looked out for a post card from the spies, appointing a rendezvous.

But this time the spies are messengers from the secretary of state.

There are no priests here, and no spies for priests, and there have been words enough.

They had spies at every corner, and—we may suppose—listeners at many a door.

But even upon him Linton had his spies,—myself among the number.

The house of the Senor Administrador was beset by spies, no doubt.