Spiffy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Spiffy:

"Jones, show his lordship the stock-list," said Spiffy, with a swagger.

"Ask the syndicate," said Jones, looking at Spiffy in a significant way.

Spiffy got uncommonly pale, but recovered himself in a second.

Spiffy first suggested the plan to me, and we found it succeed admirably last year.

Spiffy Goldtip sent mamma mine, but declines to come to the front about Amy.

“What a spiffy little cabin,” exclaimed the stranger as she entered the door and prepared to draw her fur parka off over her head.

Some are about as spiffy dressers as you'll see anywhere and a few are what I'd call speedy performers.

Spiffy says they will both fail, because Staggerton has not the means of having them properly brought out.

To describe all Spiffy's exertions in the Bodwinkle cause for some days prior to the ball would be impossible.

Spiffy gave me some curious statistics about invitations and the means employed to obtain them.