Spiking [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Spiking:

"I have been a very wicked man, I fear," said Spike, earnestly.

In the midst of one of these revolting paroxysms Spike breathed his last.

Why did Capt. Spike abandon you, Jack; you have never told me that.

Spike had a conscience that had become hard as iron by means of trade.

But Spike neglected no precaution that experience or skill could suggest.

Both believed that they might follow wherever Spike dared to lead.

Biddy arose from her knees, just as Spike withdrew his eyes from his pursuers.

"There's the man I've picked," announced Tom, pointing to Spike.

We figured the babies to come in about three months—right, Spike?

Nimble did not spend all his spare moments with the other Spike Horns.