Spiles [noun]

Definition of Spiles:


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Sentence/Example of Spiles:

Wasn't the children of Israel commanded to spile the Egyptians?

Then, after thought: "But you got to go some to spile bad eggs."

"I don't want to spile your evening," he says, very perlite.

Hit him somewheres in the hand; spile his dealin' fo' a while.

You just use as many on 'em as you've a mind; and all you spile I'll fetch you again from hum.

"That's right, gentlemen; I don't want to spile sport," said the donkey's man.

To get the sap we chopped a gash in the tree and drove in a spile.

Seems like ef they don't git a workin' out they'll spile on me complete.

I allers said he'd make a spoon or spile a horn, an' I do b'lieve it's the spoon.

When I give the word, let the hammer fall just hard enough to hit the spile.