Spilled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Spilled:

As he prayed he turned the cup and spilled the wine upon the ground.

The store smelled of spice, and the clerk that minute spilled some cinnamon.

Ay, that I would (I told him with enthusiasm), and not a drop of it should be spilled or lost!

So much liquor had been spilled on the billiard table that the balls stuck to it.

A flush overspread his face, the first sign of anger since he had spilled his wine.

He always did tie a napkin around his neck—he spilled his soup so.

Then pour the water on some spot on a bench or floor where the acid has been spilled.

Instead, pour it on the floor where the acid is most likely to be spilled.

(c) Electrolyte may have been spilled accidentally and replaced by water.

This protects them from being attacked by acid which may be spilled on top of the battery.