Spilling [verb]

Definition of Spilling:

slop, drop

Synonyms of Spilling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spilling:

Sentence/Example of Spilling:

Weak though he was Jon lunged to his feet, spilling the tumbler of liquid.

"Black——" cried Gyp, spilling her cocoa in her astonishment.

The girl was looking worried, too, I guess because I was shaking so hard I was spilling my drink.

Orders sounded sharply, and the sails collapsed, spilling their wind.

In the meantime, keep that crowd out there from spilling in here.

He opened the bags, spilling their contents out on the boards, and checked their count.

He fumbled with the milk bottle and a cup, spilling a little of the drink.

We had to walk the pony all the way home to keep from spilling the milk.

"Be careful, Hendrika; you are spilling the coffee," said Stella.

"I could have run faster, only I was afraid of spilling Bess," screamed Daisy.