Spindly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Spindly:

When they had mounted, Spindly started off as suddenly as hours before it had stopped.

Did you notice what prodigiously long fingers he had, and what spindly legs?

When he threw open his long, spindly arms and screeched a loud, "Ahh!"

This officer was over six foot, while I was a spindly little fellow.

Pink touched the herons wings, its beak, its head, its glittering beady eyes and spindly leg.

They were at that moment crossing an angle of a small park shaded by thin, spindly trees.

Not spindly, like most Martians, this fellow, for all his seven feet in height was almost heavy set.

In vain; nothing would grow but some spindly London pride and scarlet geraniums.

The weaker, spindly trees of the forest, which are slow growers, often are smothered out by the more vigorous trees.

To begin with, he was a spindly and fragile person, with a knobby forehead and a fade-away face.