Spindrift [noun]

Definition of Spindrift:

fine mist

Synonyms of Spindrift:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spindrift:


Sentence/Example of Spindrift:

And the spindrift struck me in the eyes like hands full of sand.

Gregg and Joan were blown away by the sound like spindrift before the wind.

He dropped Scotty at the landing, then turned the launch back to Spindrift.

Rick hung up the phone in the Spindrift library and turned to Scotty.

And Jan's presence was a part of the big secret of Spindrift.

If you fly them to Spindrift no one will know that Marks has even arrived.

Besides, Jan already knew about some of them, because she read about Spindrift in the papers.

When Steve Ames showed up on Spindrift, adventure wasn't far off.

Fortunately, the Spindrift boat landing was not in sight of North Cove.

It was appropriate weather for the state of mind at Spindrift.