Spine [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Spine:

"Yes, dear: that is, if you and I take the spine," replied the old lady.

Later I learned that his spine had been broken, that he would be paralyzed for life.

Such a tingle shot up Gibson's spine that he was sure he must have jumped.

For the present he can but prescribe a purgative and a massage of the arm and spine.

Why you'd put any other man's back up until he broke his spine.

Jed was conscious of a cold sensation, like the touch of an icicle, up and down his spine.

I don't know what her husband died of, but I'll bet 'twasn't curvature of the spine.

Penrun was gasping in agony at the intolerable pain in his spine.

What sort of a brain do you think could flourish at the top of such a spine?

This error is the cause of much pain and weakness in the lower part of the spine.