Spineless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Spineless:

He was one of the kind that you naturally would, being sort of meek and spineless.

"Idealistic, in a way, but spineless and corrupt," Garlock announced to all.

Of these the two which I have seen most of are the Hathaway and the Spineless.

The four meridian planes are in Actinastrum the same as in the Icosacantha, crossed in the spineless axis at angles of 45.

Since 'Lish is so spineless at his job, I may's well tell you what we come for.

Be frank, please; have you not been fighting only spineless, opium-fed animals?'

Then I'm so low, so worthless, so spineless that I can't even be bad?

The called it individualism, but Nelson called it spineless.

By this no one should infer that they are weak or spineless.

I'm a spineless jellyfish, a weathercock that whirls to every emotional breeze.