Spiraled [adjective]

Definition of Spiraled:

made into a roll

Synonyms of Spiraled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spiraled:

Sentence/Example of Spiraled:

They spiraled down for a while, and Lindy tried to pull her out of it.

Again and again he spiraled into unconsciousness and rose strangling.

Up again he spiraled until he was so high that Peter wondered how he could possibly see a fish so far below.

He spiraled down through the night air and skimmed rapidly over the trees bordering the Corcieux field.

Dr. Roger Kent was standing at the head of the stairs that spiraled down to the gun chamber.

As though it were blown by the wind, Watson Charters' hat lifted from his head and spiraled to the ground, a hole in its brim.

Almost instantly as though assured of his bearings, the pilot shut off his motor and spiraled down toward the hollow.

I spiraled down and went through a hole in the fog near the foot of the mountains.

And as they spiraled lower, circling the planet, the pointed mountains seemed to stretch out to meet them.

A' spiraled up and A' nose-dived doon, and she stayed wi' me closer than a sister.