Spiritualized [verb]

Definition of Spiritualized:

make cultured; develop

Synonyms of Spiritualized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spiritualized:

Sentence/Example of Spiritualized:

I screamed at him, 'But you must spiritualize—don't you understand?

It is the custom of the Seer to heighten and spiritualize all Jewish names.

But I am just as ready to spiritualize it as he is, provided I am sure first that we understand it.

The tendency of Christianity is to spiritualize thought and action.

Gods, my dear modern, are not spirits; gods do not degrade the world to a semblance, and do not spiritualize it.

Illness and solitude had done much to exalt and spiritualize Angus Hamleigh's mind.

That consciousness tended rather to spiritualize his thought: we may say, it subdued him.

Thus shall he perform the highest function of the prophet—to spiritualize and glorify the common.

I was five or six years younger than Opal, and Aunt Jenny hoped it would 'spiritualize' me to play with her.

Its constant influence has been to soften and spiritualize individual and national relationships.