Spit [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Spit:

By all that's holy, as a favor to me, spit out the words you have uttered.

You are no Frenchman, to spit flesh with a wire; but you can shoot, can't you?

Turn the spit often, so that the meat may be equally done on all sides.

Put it on a spit, and roast it till it is tender throughout.

Wash the meat, wipe it dry, spit it, and cover the fat with paper.

Do not take it off the spit till you see it drop white gravy.

Do not place the spit too near the fire, lest the skin should burn and blister.

Put it on the spit, rub it with butter, and roast it before a brisk fire.

I saw them grin at the little man and spit tobacco juice his way.

Her lips pursed as if to spit venom at the word; pursed they remained.