Spitfire [noun]

Definition of Spitfire:

mean lady

Synonyms of Spitfire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spitfire:


Sentence/Example of Spitfire:

At the next bench a tall mechanic was working with a part from a Spitfire.

The eldest, James, who was in the Navy, commanded the Spitfire sloop-of-war.

Spitfire was conquered, and from that day he and Sam were the best of friends.

But you and your wife must get away from this island soon after the Spitfire leaves.

The ever active and indefatigable little Spitfire joined the fleet.

The Spitfire, Cracker, and Grinder were now coming into action.

"I now understand why you go by the name of Spitfire," Loring remarked.

Marjorie is a spitfire, and has only just left off mischief herself—if she has.

Spitfire was viciously shaking his head, now and then holding it low.

But Paul was quite a distance ahead, and Spitfire was running hard.