Spiting [noun]

Definition of Spiting:

hateful feeling

Synonyms of Spiting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spiting:

Sentence/Example of Spiting:

In spite of the wound he seized the musket and forcibly wrested it from our hero.

"In spite of all that, it may be true enough," returned the lawyer, composedly.

I'm afraid of myself, even in spite of our affairs being so bad.

Percival was being forced to cheerfulness in spite of himself.

He would take her in spite of that; overpower her; force her to go.

In spite of her calculations, in spite of her love of money, he could make her feel her weakness.

Therewith, spite of the wild dress, Dennet knew the eyes and the voice.

In spite of his youth he was unquestionably the dominant spirit here.

I have borne it for my mother's sake--in spite of her dislike of me--and for your sake, because I loved you.

You ask me to marry you in spite of what you told me this afternoon?